JenPM POTD #119

I think this was a selfie I shot around 2009. It’s when I finally started to emerge, like a sea witch from a bog, and get back on the internet. I had been mostly off it since giving birth in 2005, and wiping the crust from my eye, I said, “Hey, did I miss anything?”

After catching up as best I could, I really took to this new selfie thing. You mean I could see myself while I’m posing for a picture that I’ll only shoot when it looks right to me? Self-Portraiture wasn’t exactly new but selfies…. well, that adds a layer.

Technically I took this with a webcam but that still counts. right? I know phone selfies are the norm now but I’ve lived through all this, man! I’ve been in the shit! It’s as if the longer I live, the more things come into focus.

This has been your “Moment in Selfie History.”

Oh and yeah, I was still in my robe. I still had tiny humans running all over the place.