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JenPM Story #3

OK, so this “story” category of postings has been less “actual stories” so far (although I do intend to do those, as well), and more just me writing about whatever I feel like writing about at the time. And here’s another one!  Porn… it gets added to the end of so many things these days. […]

The Story Behind the Pest House

This is an article I wrote about the real pest house, after doing some research on the place. It ultimately inspired my fictional story: The Pest House. *********************************************************************** Can a place that was built for the sole purpose of housing the deathly ill, ever be truly clean, again? When I first encountered this stone structure, […]

The Pest House

This is my award-winning* story, “The Pest House.” *OK, so I guess it wasn’t really an award, but it did win first runner-up in the “Tales of the Dead” contest that was part of the “A TOAST AMONG GHOSTS” fundraiser for BALTIMORE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY! 😀 (You can see a video of my reading of the story at […]