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(Last Updated: 09/17/23)

Well hello there! If this is your first time meeting me, my name is Jen and I've actually been online since 1995.

My "homepage" for the first 20 years or so was one I ran alongside my partner Dave at Jen-Dave.com. It was a crazy, wild time that I kept going as long as I could.

Even after having twins... and even long after Dave had any involvement... I continued... until about 2015. It was then I finally had to concede it was time to move on. Since then, I've spent the last several years trying to re-find myself, I guess you could say.

I started with "mommyblogging" (in fact, I started that in 2009), but soon realized I was now attaching my identity to my kids. And now, in the blink of an eye, I'm not even "Mommy" anymore. I am "Mom" to a couple of 18-year old kids who just started college.

I also helped to raise my two stepkids, who are now in their early thirties. One now has two children of their own. (FYI--They are the only people on earth allowed to call me "Granny.")

I chose to use "JenPM" as my new online identity around 2018, for a few reasons:

1) P and M just happen to be the first letters of my maiden and married name, respectively.

2) PM can also mean afternoon or evening, and I think it's a cool nod to the fact that I am in the later portion of my life.

3) The domain was available.

You can find me under this name in a couple of places, such as Medium and LinkedIn.

However, it wasn't long before something else emerged. I now spend most of my time online as Jenny Dreadful.

I just thought it was more fun.

I keep "JenPM" for times a more serious moniker might be appropriate. However, most of what I do online is not at all serious, so...

You should probably just head on over to JennyDreadful.com -->