The Latest from Jen
(Last Updated: 04/29/23)

Welcome to my after-party! My name is Jen and I've actually been online since 1995. My homepage for the first 20 years or so was one I ran alongside my husband Dave at It was basically a blog following our (often adult) adventures together.

I kept it going as long as I could, even after having twins... and even long after Dave had any involvement... but, eventually I had to concede it was time to move on. I've since spent a lot of time trying to re-find myself...

I registered this domain in 2018 to serve as a new home base for myself. You can find me by this name in a couple of places such as Facebook and Medium. However, while I'll possibly use "JenPM" for more in the future, the main project I'm working on these days is my dark(er) alter-ego Jenny Dreadful.

You could say that is my "real" home-base. I'm keeping because I feel I may have a use for a non-Dreadful identity at some point... but for now, I've pretty much decided to fully embrace being Dreadful online. ;-p

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