Welcome to my After-Party

Hey, my name is Jen and I've actually been online since 1995. I was just 20 years old then and, for the next 20 years or so, my homepage was located at jen-dave.com. It was an experience to say the least!

Of course, like all good things, it eventually had to come to an end. As I've tried to make clear, though, just because the jen-dave site has been retired doesn't mean I have!

It is now 2022 and in recent years, I've kind of been all over the place... trying to re-find myself and all that jazz. Still working on it, but I started this site to serve as a place to list all the places you can *currently* find me online.

Perhaps I'll develop this site further in the future. I have considered writing a book about my past experiences, as well as other stuff. However, in the meantime, my homepage here at JenPM.com is really just a jumping off point.

This is a site I've been trying to develop for some time. I keep tearing it down and starting over. I want it to be my "real" or at least second home on the internet. I came up with Jen P.M. as a more serious, professional way to refer to myself online, but Jenny Dreadful is where the fun is at. Or at least it will be if I can decide what exactly I'm doing with it.

This is really the main place I post these days... or at least it is until it all comes crumbling down...

Just joined here. I was pretty frustrated trying to get it set up, but once I did... well, it's growing on me.

Just started this up, too. Of course I've uploaded stuff to YouTube before, but mostly just videos of my kids and stuff. So, starting over with a new channel where I can upload any weird stuff I may film.

I know it's evil but I've had some fun with it.

I've written a couple things here so far and planning to add more.

This is where you'll find a random, and ever growing, collection of photos from my dark and dangerous past (and present). Currently just getting started with re-building this, as well, but I have high hopes for it! (PW: boobies)