The Latest from Jen
(Last Updated: 02/28/23)

Welcome to my after-party! In case this is your first time meeting me, my name is Jen, and I've actually been online since 1995. My homepage for the first 20 years or so was located at I registered this domain in 2018, though, to serve as a new home base for myself. I hope to develop it further in the future, but here's what I have, so far!

Jenny Dreadful - At the risk of complicating things (too late), this is my primary online/social media identity these days. My dark(er) alter-ego! I guess it's kind of my way of trying to go a bit more mainstream, albeit in a "fine, maybe I'm having a middle-aged goth phase" way.

Medium - This is where I'm telling my stories from the "Jen n Dave" days. I only have one posted so far, but it is a good one! And, I do have plenty more to add!

Patreon - If you'd like to see even more, I have started posting some of my old (and who knows, maybe a little new) content there!

JEN n DAVE (on YouTube) Warning: If you're familiar with our old site, don't expect the same kind of content as before... this is just us having fun being silly together!

And that's really it, for now. Again, I'd like to do more in the future, though, so feel free to check out this page from time to time to see what else I might get up to!